Technology in Your Hands

Mobile App:
Why wait until you can get to a computer, and then spend time tracking down a website address, when there’s an app for that? Using our free Web Portal app, you can plan your order from any location and and then order and track your shipment from your smartphone or tablet. When you’re on the move and can’t afford to slow down, our mobile app meets your pace. 

Customer Portal:

Chances are, you don’t have the bandwidth to constantly schedule deliveries from scratch. That’s why we developed our customer portal: so that you can spend less time scheduling orders, and more time making money. With your Trans-World Courier account, you can manage all aspects of your delivery service, including:

  • Placing new orders. Our New Order screen populates fields based on your custom preferences, saving you time with every order. You also can provide special instructions for your pickup and delivery. With just a few clicks, your order will be submitted and passed along to our team.
  • Tracking capabilities. The moment your order is submitted, whether by an online user or a customer service representative, you can track your order through every stage. With real-time status updates, you’ll know exactly where your shipment stands, 24/7.
  • Convenient online payments. Quickly view any outstanding invoices and complete payment via a credit card.
  • Quick access to accounting-related reports. Conveniently view and print your statement sheets and invoices.
  • Speed up the order process using saved contacts. With our Address Book, you can save address points to quickly place your orders and limit mistakes.
  • Easily meet real-time reference validations. If your business requires real-time reference validations, our reference tool allows you to enter an unlimited number of references or reference numbers at any time.
  • Save information in your customized profile. Accelerate the entire process by saving company-specific information, end-user preferences and more.
  • Maintain full control over your account. As an Admin, you can add, edit and remove an unlimited number of users for your account. You can even set the security rights of users within your account.

Desktop Icon:
We strive to provide not only speedy delivery service, but a speedy ordering process as well. Using our desktop icon, you can quickly access our Customer Portal and place your order in no time. 


Technology for Your Bottom Line

You have a right to know your shipment’s status 24/7. Our GPS tracking provides real-time status updates for your peace of mind. As your shipment moves through the supply chain, you can oversee its progress through every stage. 

Keep track of your statements with our convenient, hassle-free process. Using our custom invoicing, you can bill back every order to a specific client code, project number or an internal reference. In addition, all of our invoices can be sub-grouped and sub-totaled by department or reference. 


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